Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mr. Nevers, superstar

Nevy acting like a baby! I turned my back to talk to a student and when i turned around he was eating the chair! Then he proceded to pick it up and knock it over.

So i don't know how many more blog posts i will be able to squeeze in before the Expo(6 days!!!) but Nevy and i are doing REALLY good! He loads in the trailer, stands, and backs out when i ask. We have gone for a couple rides and over the next week i will take him to a stange place and practice re-loading. He comes when called in the pasture, lead from both sides at the walk a trot. Can do all the basic requirments for the obstacle course, and well as some bonus point things.

As of today i can pick up all four feet for around 3 seconds before he gets fussy. I hadn't really planned on working with the back feet before the expo because he has been REALLY nervous if you do anything past his shoulder. But today we were just hanging out in the arena, he was working on ground tieing while i was teaching a lesson. I figured i should at least see how far down i could take my hand before he got nervous, figuring i would MAYBE make it to his hock. Well, he let me run my hand all the way to his hoof! No fuss, he was ground-tied and to be honest kind of gave me a look like "what took you so long?" So i just kept petting his legs and once he got bored and cocked his foot to rest i just asked to hold it and he gave it to me with no problems! i think i was able to do each foot 10-15 times. So we have 6 more days to practice. We will keep working on that and start getting used to a hoof pick and rasp. Although his feet don't look half bad, he needs his basic farrier care sooner rather than later.

I also have a video of us doing liberty in the round penning, him walking through a lardge mud puddle, and him ponying through some obstacles with my student Camille which i will post later.


  1. And to think just over a month ago, you still had trouble touching him. Going slow was the best thing you ever coulda done, and you have done a fabulous job, with a very hard horse, in his time. And here you are, ready for the show with time to spare! Can't wait to meet you at the expo.

  2. yes i look forward to meeting you too! We are in the Dog Pavilion building... stalls 45 and 46 i think.

  3. It's a can never have too many horsey friends!