Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nevy Update

Well, for the past week Nevy had been getting more and more lame. All this time i have been thinking he pulled a muscle. it would have made sense with the way he spooks and runs around his paddock... Well yesterday i talked on the phone with his vet (Dr.Mike, who is awesome!) and we ran through the possibilities of is injury and along with many nasty and long term things Dr Mike also mention it could be a hoof abscess. Well sure enough! this afternoon it burst at the front of his hoof at the cornary band and i couldn't have been happier! he went from almost 3 legged lame to walking soundly in a matter of minutes! So now its just the matter of it draining and staying clean, which will difficult considering i can't handle his legs yet. But it is definetly managable and good news!

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