Monday, May 24, 2010

Nevy is doing so good! He is now out in a paddock with 2 other horses... that DOES mean he has a couple bite mark for the Expo :( but he is SO much happier having buddies. I took of his quick release halter for the first time yesterday, so he is now out with nothing on. He walked right up to me 3 times yesterday and so we just have to see if that continues. Trailering is getting better. He will load his front feet with no trouble, and back out. he gets really nervous if he loads up and then i ask him to turn around and jump out. So i decided to just teach him to back out from the start. He has to go slower and and really listen to be and pay attention to his feet.

nevy roundpenning.

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  1. Wooo Hooo, go Nevy! Great Job, he is sooo going to be ready to find a new and loving home when you are done.