Monday, April 26, 2010

Midge's First Show!

So I took Midge, a client's 2 y/o filly Georgia (first show as well) and my 18y/o rescue project mare Kini, who came along to babysit, to a schooling show on saturday. Four of my students tagged along and I talked two of them into showing Midge and Kini in the non Stock Horse halter class. Kini is the Buckskin you will also see in the video. I was a little nervous to take Midge only because at home she still seems a bit skittish around the full size horses and squeal and swings her butt around. But she was as calm as could be the whole morning! Stood at the trailer when she needed to, walked all around the show ground, and stood by the in-gate surrouded by showmanship and reaining horses without batting an eye. She even ended up "babysitting" the 2y/o filly Georgia when the girls took Kini back to the trailer. people were constantly coming up and asking to pet her, i think she loved the attention. It was great practice for the expo and i have no doubt she will be great in June. i think next saturday we are going to take her out for a trail "ride" to continue practicing riding in the trailer and going new places.

Showing off her 3rd place ribbon while giving my husband some smooches!

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