Friday, April 2, 2010

Days 4 & 5

Midge is coming along great! She is learning not to kick out whenever she is unhappy, always a good thing. ;) All the students love her, and now her mane and forelock and braided. She gets walked and fussed over multiple times a day... right now we are working on refining her leading skills, letting me handle her feet/body, and just being all around pleasant while being around people. Next week we are going to start working with the clippers, bathing and trailer loading. Once she has all her basics done then we will start with the fun stuff!

I have hit a bit of a discouraging setback with Nevada... The paddock he is in shares a fence with our next door neighbor. From the time I set foot in the paddock to the moment I leave our neighbor's dog won't stop barking at the fence. its distracting to me and Nev but the biggest problem is the grumpy neighbor who come out and screams at me to stop "infringing" on his dog. *rolls eyes* So now every time i go out to work with him im scared of being yelled and swore at... its very disheartening but i just don't have any where else to put Nev. i know i just have to Keep calm and Carry On, but i can't expect Nev to be focussed if im distracted. Gotta get my head back in the game...

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  1. Hey,
    I saw this commercial on tv the other day, thought it might help with the neighbors dog. check it out.
    I have complaining neighbors too...but mine are complaining about FLIES! I am new to the hood, and they had never seen a horse before. Clash of the titans! Great job on your furry kids. will be at the horse expo, can't wait to see the results!