Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 8 - Progress!

Today Midge was used in a ground work lesson. Lauren had her practicing over poles and around cones, taught her to walk over a tarp, kick a soccer ball, and wear a small blanket. Midge is a little jumpy about the lead rop so i taught Lauren how to desensitize M to it. We also used the same method with the saddle blanket.
Everybody is falling in love with her and don't want to see her go. I do hope someone adopts her at the Expo... but if not then I may not be bringing home an empty trailer. ;)

After all the discouragement with Nevy i am finaly seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! We dismanteled out round pen that was at one end of the property, and rebuilt it in the arena where we can herd him into it. It is 45ft which is the perfect size for this type of ground work. He was much more settled and relaxed then in his paddock and we were able to make some great progress. This video is right after we started working, he goes great to the left, but kept turning around going to the right. By the time we were done for the day he was going steady both direction.

After getting the basics of round penning I started gently swinging the lunge whip up and over his back. He quickly got used the the feel of it on his back and butt. We finished when I was able to swing the whip over his neck and body and rub his neck a little. I hoping to get to that point sooner tomorrow but we will see. I really saw a difference in him today and i am excited to work with him tomorrow.

He is now also out with 3 other horses instead of being in his own paddock. he seems MUCH happier and relaxed with them. I just hope they don't beat him up, i want him to look handsome. :)

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