Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 6... more frustration

Well i am beginning to realize just how much i have bit off with choosing Nev as my baby. the pessimist in me keeps wondering why i didn't pick an easier baby but the BETTER part of me knows that i did the right thing. Giving a very deserving horse a chance at love and partnership with a human. That's what I need to focus on. Not the competition, not the Expo, my "pride", what other trainers may be doing, or the short amount of time. I need all my energy and mind on Nev and only him. HE is the reason i am doing this, nothing else. Success is getting him adopted.

He is moving along much slower than I hoped, but i know i just need to keep going at whatever speed works for him. ITS HARD! no one EVER said this job is easy, and its days like this i know that for a fact. but the end result is so rewarding. The paddock i have him in isnt great for training, I really don't have a good set-up here for un-halter broke horses. I can't get him to a round pen and thats makes thing difficult. I am going to have to set back, re-evaluate, end decide where to go from here.

As for Midge...
she is a JOY to have!(she may just have to stay!) I was feeling frustrated so i decide just to take her for a little walk around the arena. She learsn fast, and remember it quickly. We worked on walking up and over the "bridges" we built for trail practice, and well as poles and tiny jumps. Then we walk tot he goat pasture for some turnout time. I let her off the lead and sat down against the fence to watch her. She would wander around for a minute or two then come back, give me a couple "kisses" on my face and then go back to exploring.

She loves when you get down to her level and just kiss and cuddle with her. she is going to be a project here at the ranch, both for me and for my students. Im so happy to have her. :)

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