Thursday, April 15, 2010

day 18 - Nevy

My beautiful baby having his lunch. :)

So i can finaly say i have touched Nevy. I am surprised at how long it took... Next week when i have more time i will dedicate a post just to the emotion/education side of this jounry with him, but for tonight its just about the training. :)

So last week we build a round pen/paddock(in the middle of the arena mind you) so he could be seperated from the other horses. both for training and because i want to keep food in front of him 24/7. He is so skinny! within that paddock we set up a smaller one, about the size of a stall. While i am out teaching lessons i put him in the smaller stall and just sit on a stool right next to it while i teach. The first couple days he was pretty stressed out, but today he was doing much better. we got to the point where he would come up the the fence, nudge my elbow and i would turn around and feed him a bite of carrot. after doing that a few times i started putting both hand through the fence and "making" him let me touch his nose or jaw before giving him the carrot piece. We kept working on that and he was being so calm i decided to enter the stall(staying VERY close to the corner/fence) and do the same thing. He tends to get really panicky if i push him too far so i was very careful to stay calm and quite and not take up too much of his space. he was very good, ate a couple carrots and i had a student snap a couple pictures. Although progess is SOOOOO much slower thani expected, I am trying very hard not to feel rush, or to rush him. He is a very fragile horse and i need to do theis the best way i know how. and that is to go slooow.

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