Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3

So midge was getting in my way and distracting Nevada so i had no choice but to move her to a paddock by herself. We didn't actualy have a place to put her so we built her her own private place! I forgot to get a picture today but i will get one tomorrow.
Chris came out again after work to play with her. He took her for a nice walk down the road and taught her to trot, stop, and back with him. She was being very good! Then he brought to the barn and he combed the tangle out of her mane, cut her bridle pass and trimmed her chin whiskers(pictured). I handled her feet for a bit and then we called in a day. :)

We took it easy again today. just continued what we worked on yesterday. I also sat with him while he ate dinner(pictured), just some no pressure bonding time. Once i have a hlater on him i think he will move along quickly. he seems very willing. i also can't wait to give him a good grooming and a bath! he is shedding out right now and i can tell he is just SO itchy! my poor baby. :( he needs some good TLC!

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