Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 3

So midge was getting in my way and distracting Nevada so i had no choice but to move her to a paddock by herself. We didn't actualy have a place to put her so we built her her own private place! I forgot to get a picture today but i will get one tomorrow.
Chris came out again after work to play with her. He took her for a nice walk down the road and taught her to trot, stop, and back with him. She was being very good! Then he brought to the barn and he combed the tangle out of her mane, cut her bridle pass and trimmed her chin whiskers(pictured). I handled her feet for a bit and then we called in a day. :)

We took it easy again today. just continued what we worked on yesterday. I also sat with him while he ate dinner(pictured), just some no pressure bonding time. Once i have a hlater on him i think he will move along quickly. he seems very willing. i also can't wait to give him a good grooming and a bath! he is shedding out right now and i can tell he is just SO itchy! my poor baby. :( he needs some good TLC!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Days 1 & 2

Day 1:

Yesterday, Chris(my husband) and I drove 3 hours up to El Dorado Hills to pick up my new babies! When we arrived at The Grace foundation we were warmly greeted by the staff and volunteers. After signing paperwork and having the process explained to us we were off for a tour and to pick out the youngsters. All the babies were great in their own way, but i felt my heart "tug" towards Nevada. He is a young chestnut QH gelding who is very shy but inquisitive with a soft, friendly eye. I also chose a 3 y/o silver dapple mini horse named Buttercup, who is halter broke but not much else. Once i made my decision then all that was left was to load them and begin the long trek home. Buttercup fussed a little but then hopped in the trailer. Nevada is not yet halter broke so we had to let him go in on his own using a chute, he hopped in after only a couple minutes. :) We drove home, unloaded in the dark and left them to explore their new paddock.

Day 2:
Today i just wanted to work on controlling his feet and teaching him to stop when asked. We danced around the paddock for a while and he was pretty nervous, but quickly picked up that i just wanted him to stand and relax. We are working on the "whoa" cue to stop, face me, and in then in future approach me to be haltered. I am hoping to get a video of our "dancing" tomorrow to help explain the process a little more. I am hoping to have a halter on him by the end of the week, but i am not going impose my schedule on him. if we go at his pace, he will learn in the way that's best for him.
We are also still waiting to see if he will end up with a nickname here at the ranch. We just let it happen organically. :)
(her new nickname here at the ranch is "Midge"(midget). We felt buttercup was a little too sweet for her sassy pony personality.)
She is hard to catch but with consistent handling that should go away pretty quickly. While i was working with Nevada, Chris and Midge were out in the arena working on leading and disengaging her hindquarters. When she gets upset she tends to kick out, so we need to teach her to move her butt away from people. Once they were done walking around he brought her in and did a quick grooming. She stood for brushing, mane combing, and getting her feet picked out.
Hopefully I will have some pictures and video to post tomorrow!